Nomadic Alter, Stitch Collage, Ink on Rice Paper, 13 x 14 inches

My artistic journey, shaped by a lifelong exploration of tactile experiences and a fascination with thread, texture, and fiber-based materials, encompasses a diverse range of mediums—from paper making, printmaking, encaustic to sewing. Inspired by the rhythms of nature and a belief in a universal spirit, my abstract pieces metaphorically explore relationships and connections, seeking order in chaos.
I gravitate towards organic materials and neutral hues, especially valuing the strength and translucency of mulberry paper. Vintage materials, sumi ink, and walnut-brewed ink contribute essential qualities. The tactile aspect guides my process, incorporating stitch and knotting for texture and connection.
Each piece, marked by my own experiences collected over years of travel, narrates a unique story. This balance of materials and intentions results in an expression of organic elegance, celebrating beauty in imperfection.